• Girl at monastery door

    Girl at monastery door

  • Monks eating

    Monks eating

  • Beggar girl

    Beggar girl

  • Prayer wheel in the snow

    Prayer wheel in the snow

  • Tibetan Nomad

    Tibetan Nomad

  • Cute girl

    Cute girl

  • Horse snow

    Horse snow

  • Tibetan Baby

    Tibetan Baby

  • Monks and mountains

    Monks and mountains

  • Nomad woman

    Nomad woman

  • Nomad boy

    Nomad boy

  • The landscape around Ganzi

    The landscape around Ganzi

  • Ladies in Ganzi

    Ladies in Ganzi

  • Girl homework

    Girl homework

  • Yihun Lhatso

    Yihun Lhatso

  • Butter tea time

    Butter tea time

  • Dog driver

    Dog driver

  • Young monk

    Young monk